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EDS Kids Handbook – The Memes

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The Memes from the upcoming ebook by Kendra Neilsen Myles and Sarah Wells, with a special section on Vascular EDS written by Deborah Roach.  A sneak peak into the Top Tips section of the book.  Share far and wide, we are #Stronger2Gether.





  1. Hi Hi, I started a foundation for EDS awareness in the Netherlands and I will give presentations on schools because of the children with this invisible illness. I learned and read a lot on your site and all about EDS. I am a mother of 2 children, one (daughter) has also EDS and so have I. I am starting this totally new and can use tips and tricks. The meaning is that all the teachers will be aware of EDS and I want to help them to recognize the first signs and helpt these children.

    Kind regards Manja Bitterlin

    • Sarah Wells Reply

      Hi, how brilliant. My mission is the same as yours, I would love for all teachers to understand the invisibility of this illness and how to help. This month my two youngest children did their own presentation in school to the staff and pupils about EDS to raise awareness and understanding. They were fantastic. And I have actually started outlining a book on this very area.
      I love your profile picture! Is it you? XXX

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