How this blog saved my life…

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To all my loyal followers,

I want you to know that this blog saved me.

It saved me from my mind, from my condition, from the overwhelm of caring for my children as they were diagnosed with their own chronic health conditions.

Putting pen to paper sharing my thoughts and feeling, ups and downs, worries and hopes with you all -also started my healing.

Writing helped me to process my emotions, workout what I thought, formulate plans.

And in sharing with the world I knew that I wasn’t alone.

I realised that there was so much healing that had to happen in our community. There was so much heartache and struggle.

Mums overwhelmed navigating systems that are set up to make them fall down. Women trying to juggle it all and paint on their smile everyday, being everything to everyone with nothing left for themselves. People lost trying to navigate a new normal but not sure how to play the game.

So I studied and trained and listened to what you wanted and needed.

And now this humble blog, that started as a little project just for me is now saving others.

Lots of others.

I am now blessed to support people just like you to navigate the ups and downs of life with a chronic heath condition.

With acceptance, finding themselves, building resilience, getting their head around what their diagnosis means, working out how to navigate ALL the things, managing relationships, fighting systems, managing emotions. It is all so needed.

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Thank you to everyone that has read a post, commented or just be in my world.

My stripy family. 🦓

With love,

Sarah ♡

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